Rock N Roll Mafia: ‘Prodigal’

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Releasing their new album under Organic Records (Maliq & D’Essentials, 21st Night and Sir Dandy), Rock N Roll Mafia now ready to come back with their new album ‘Prodigal‘ released on September 2012.

After a five year of absence, Prodigal is their third album through-out RNRM’s musical career. And with this new album they are now so eager to deliver a different sound. It Begin with the release of their first single, ‘Never Give Up‘ on the radio and it got a good response from the audience and their fans.

In this Prodigal album, RNRM got a new touch of ‘analogue sound’ by Widi Puradiredja from Maliq & D’Essentials. They are trying to achieve that natural feel of the sounds, which is the thickness of analog sound wrap in a synthetic sound of the synthesizer and sequencer. That why the progress on making this album takes more time and effort to get this ‘raw sound’ and pretty much rough feel compare to the two previous albums.

The first single ‘Never Give Up‘ was chosen because of the simple story behind the song itself. ‘Never Give Up‘ which proclaimed that a man must not be discouraged or feel hopeless even though life is full of twists and turns and always uneasy.

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