Friends Do It For UNKL: Kineforum

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

It’s our new collaboration project, “Friends Do It For UNKL” with Kineforum. Kineforum is the first cinema in Jakarta that offers a variety of film programs and film discussion. From classic and contemporary films, short movie, foreign movie and also non-mainstream movie. The films they brought as an alternative for the public spectacle. Kineforum is held to response the absence of non commercial cinema in Jakarta and for audio-visual inter-cultural exchange.

Publik untuk Ruang Publik (PuPR) is a fundraising ideas for Kineforum with various of interesting events. As a public space, Kineforum were always trying to gain public support for their audiences. This program is to maintain the sustainability of Kineforum as a an alternative movie room for public. With pride and great gratitude, we recognize the great importance of their movement. And that’s why we gave our full support to Kineforum. In this collaboration project we’re making T-shirt with classic Indonesian movie poster that screened there at Kineforum.

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