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Tuesday, 06 December 2011

MITx100 Exhibition, Japan

Started off by an afternoon chat with a Japanese friend, Yoko Takimura, who visited Bandung at the beginning of this year, we are very fortunate to be included in an international-artist-networking-project initiated by a Kyoto creative community called Cultivation.

The exhibition itself is not intended to bring up any particular issues, apart from collecting as many global artists and groups as possible to join the community. The main goal is to open up opportunities of direct networking amongst productive artists, individually or in groups, in order to further more be involved in collaborations and creative works, and to expand their knowledge and experiences in a broader perspective.

The organizer, lead by Yuji Yamada from Presspop, successfully collected works from international associates – fellow artists, musicians, graphic designers, illustrators, animators, etc. from Japan, UK, USA, Germany, and Indonesia. The works are presented in B5 format of any kinds of frames, displayed in a neat lay out through out the Artzone Gallery in Kyoto, Japan. In the opening night (19/11/2011) the visitors were asked to voluntarily paint on the wall, between the works, connecting one frame to another, and so all the works are connected to each other as if the whole gallery was one big canvas. The collective act, from my opinion, was underlining the intention of the exhibition, representing the urge to bring a sense of togetherness, creating links in the global art world, and initiating collaborative actions and better understanding in creative communities around the globe.

For this particular event, UNKL347 displayed graphic works from our main theme of this season: ‘Based on  A True Story’ – many of the graphics from this theme can be found in the shop, including the ones made for the exhibition. With a good kick-start, we are hoping to do more collaboration with our fellow artists from the Cultivation network, and we’ll surely keep y’all posted!

ARTZONE address;

Exhibition Venue:
VOX bld.1-2F, Daikoku-cho,
East of South Sanjo-Kawaramachi,
Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto
604-8031, Japan


Nov 19 – Dec 4, 2011

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