Fresh New Style and A Brand New Look

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Come to our newly refresh store at Jl. Trunojoyo No 4 and experience the new ambience. We hope to increase our service better than before, with fresh new look and brand new style of our customer service wardrobe. With recently new layout, new resized, redecorated and renovated store. You’ll be surprise and amuse how relaxing and fun shopping can be.

These are some of new focal point that you all have to know; First, we use used timbers for our new display, to show how we care about careless deforestation. Second, we change those display layout a little bit random mess, for examples: you can find books on clothes display, then you can find bike frames on the top of our jacket display. Third, we change our staff uniform a bit formally so you can recognize them as our staff rather than before when we used Tshirts. And so on.. (there’s plenty of changes, you better find out yourself :) )

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