Friends Do It For UNKL347 : Mini Album Rock N Roll Mafia “PLAY”

Monday, 04 July 2011

We were more than happy when one of our old friend decide to come and share with us their stories. Friends Do It For Unkl is a medium create by UNKL347 for all collaboration work with artists (designers, band or musician, etc.), that later on UNKL347 will produce and release the artwork in a very limited quantity.  Now “Friends Do It For UNKL” presents Rock N Roll Mafia (RNRM) mini album “PLAY”. Formed in 1999, RNRM are very well known for their distinctive feature fusing elements of electronic music and avant pop.

Right now, the recent member of Rock N Roll Mafia are Hendra Jaya Putra (keys and programming) and Eky Dharmawan (vocal). They put up Play, Pathetic Wave, Escape, Shout feat. Hazawude, Plankton feat. DMZ dan Playtethic Wave (Space System Version), all six (6)  song in their new mini album “Play” which only pressed onto CD for 500 copies. Which they dedicated for their fans and to all electronic music lover.

The “Play” mini album complete package contain : 1 pc of “Play” CD, 1 pc of “Play” T-shirt merchandise, 50 pages notepad, UNKL347 and RNRM sticker pack, Tote Bag and UNKL347 Plastic Watch. Soon, They will be available at UNKL347 Jl. Trunojoyo 4, Bandung.

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