Hunting Hi&Low, New Shape of Artwork To Come

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Do you still remember what I say to you about goin’ on vacation to your favorites uncle cabin? (click ‘about’ on unkl347 web, then check uh, nkl) Here I got one for you. It’s an artform and definetly an artwork. Can you imagine a fine artwork, that you can actually spent the nite inside it? Yes, that’s true. A nice place to stay just a step away from a beautiful beach.

When i saw it for the first time its like a.. ”who build this fuckin’ gorgeous place on a beautiful spot with a wonderful view that you can’t forget?” I was lucky to met one of the guy who build it. He says “it’s just things that I do everyday, I’d like to please myself and others”. It pleased me for sure, hope it please you guys too.

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