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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Having a chance to travel many places around the world has widen his perspective and maybe twisted him a bit. Born 1980 in Erfurt, Germany, Manuel Heischel has always been had a thing with art. At first he took Sociology major for a year before he moved into architecture at University of Applied Sciences at erfurt, Germany. After that he went to study at KazGASA, Almaty Kazakhstan and also later on at Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia. Both major in Architecture. And in 2008 he decided to study Fine arts at Institut Teknologi Bandung.

He has always been about fun and happy kid. That’s why in 2006, he and Matthias Specht created “Cikcuk Dunia Fantasi”. “Cikcuk Dunia Fantasi” is their escape from this cruel real world. A place where they can do whatever with their big passion towards art. Since then Cikcuk Dunia Fantasi has grown into many directions like: Toys, Fine Arts, Games, Fashion, Books, Comics, Animation, Music, Architecture, Graphic Design and Interior Design. And now followed by exhibitions and performances around the world.

Cikcuk Dunia Fantasi :

Cikcuk Dunia Fantasi is a world of these little creatures, called cikcuk and his freunde (friends). The creature is a cute little monster which represents the positive and kindness part of ourselves if we doing something good. For that stands the Indonesian word cikcuk. But there are always two sides of the individual expression. For that reason cikcuk has one monster companion in the Cikcuk Dunia Fantasi. The creature’s name is cancuk. The word cancuk describes the negative and unkindness of ourselves, if we doing something bad. Both creatures reflect the two monsters inside us, the monster in good and the monster in bad. Sometimes it could happen that the good can turn into something bad, or the other way around. This reflects the design of the monsters and the freunde. They might be monsters, but they’re still cute and friendly. The cuteness shall remind us that nobody has to be afraid about the two parts inside ourselves. It lies in our awaken to handle both little monsters and freunde well in a good behaved way and lead them all through adventures and explorations in the Cikcuk Dunia Fantasi.

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